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Do you hate writing? We love it! We're writing consultants. We are  freelance writers, and we can help you with your website content, business emails, blogs, and other written STUFF. We also do editing and  proofreading.  

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Here at Make A Great Impression, we’ve been helping students, writers, and businesses for almost ten  years.  We pride ourselves in doing our best for our clients, whether it  is a simple brochure, help with an English essay grade, or a full-scale book from the idea to the published work.  We want to help our clients succeed by giving them the tools to showcase their talents!

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We want you to believe that you have talent and just not the tools to help you succeed.  We give you these tools and the promise that we will do our very best to make your work yours, that it is flawless, and becomes a shining example of what you can do.  Whether it is online website content, a simple summary, or a whole book ready for publishing, we want you to know that we are dedicated to helping you.  We want you to  succeed!

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